Grace House

Grace House provides time-limited residential accommodation for up to 10 adults as well as counselling and 24-hour supervision in a group co-operative setting.  Grace House is open to any adult with a disability of a psychological, psychiatric, emotional, social or moderate physical nature.  Since 1974, Grace House continues to be the only group home in Halton providing 24/7 time-limited supportive, supervised, relationship-based, residential accommodation to adults who require assistance to learn the spectrum of life skills necessary for independent living.


Nominated by Howard Bernstein


Our $14,700 donation was delivered at their office in Oakville on October 1st, 2015.

"I was blown away – not only by the amount of the donation, but also the genuine altruistic enthusiasm as demonstrated by the group’s representatives. I look forward to speaking to all of their members in the near future about the services we provide to adults with mental health and social difficulties, and to assure them that their donated funds will be put to good use for the benefit of our clients. I would have been satisfied with just 10 Guys Who Care – to have 100 is a jaw-dropper, and I urge all interested citizens to get behind this exemplary, unique group by supporting, in some fashion, the life-altering work that it does." 

David Klarer, Director, Grace House